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How to Order Photos (click full screen at lower right)

1. Go to then click on the 'photos' link.

2. If you want to browse the galleries, click on either boys or girls basketball

3. Click on the level such as Varsity or JV

4. Select the gallery you want to view. They are separated by date, most recent first.

5. Once in a gallery, you can click on the different pictures on the left and see them on the large image on the right.

6. Click the image you want, then click the 'buy' button and select 'this photo' or 'photos in this gallery.

7. Once you're in the shopping cart, you can select prints, merchandise, or downloads.

8. Select the print size and finish (Lustre, Glossy, Metallic) and click the right arrow to increase the quantity

9. Click Checkout

10. Don't forget to adjust the crop if you chose a size that doesn't match the original (explained in the video)

11. Click "continue browsing' to go back and add more photos or click checkout to pay for your prints

12. You can also click buy>photo package.

13. Then select the package you want and click 'continue'.

14. Click to choose your photo to fill out the package. You can add photos from another gallery by clicking the breadcrumb link back to the main folder.

15. Once you've filled the package, you can click 'add to cart'.

How to save your favorites (Click full screen at lower right)

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